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Doctors thought this 11-year-old girl was pregnant - until they discovered the 'child' was really a massive 10kg tumour in her tummy

Cherish-Rose Lavelle, 11, was in a lot of pain and her personality had changed
Mum thought she was being bullied for being overweight when she lost 14kg
Doctors initially thought girl might have been pregnant because mass was so big
Cherish will have chemo to shrink tumour before she can have surgery

Cherish-Rose Lavelle, 11, had a 10kg tumour growing on her ovaries. Her mum took her to the doctors when she lost a lot of weight
A Queensland schoolgirl had a mass growing so big inside her doctors thought she might have been pregnant.
When little Cherish-Rose Lavelle started quickly losing weight her mum Louise knew something was wrong.
After taking the the 11-year-old to the doctor, it wasn't long before she was transferred to hospital in Hervey Bay and sent straight to Brisbane by plane.
Doctors discovered a horrifying 10kg tumour on her ovaries.
The aggressive germ-cell cancer was causing Cherish-Rove a lot of pain and Ms Lavelle noticed her daughter's normally bubbly personality was very different over two months.
Rare for a girl of Cherish-Rose's age, the cancer will set her back from starting Year 6 this month.
'This morning she was bright and smiling but right now she is very down,' Ms Lavelle told the Daily Mail Australia.
'She's not feeling great.'
Now Ms Lavelle must sell her op-shop business so she can spend months looking after her daughter in hospital.

The Hervey Bay schoolgirl lost her bubbly personality and was in a lot of pain but her mother Louise Lavelle thought she might have had an eating disorder because of rapid weight loss
'It’s going to be a long journey,' she said.
Ms Lavelle initially thought her daughter was suffering an eating disorder before she discovered something more sinister was at play.
'This is something I want parents to be aware of as I thought she was suffering an eating disorder from being bullied for being overweight,' she said.

Cherish-Rose will be in hospital for months having chemo and surgery to get rid of the 10kg mass
'She suddenly lost 14-15kg and I started to demand food into her because I was frightened and then when the pain started in her belly and back I was clueless.
'When I was told she had cancer I couldn’t stop crying, it broke my heart.
'Now I've been told that it is curable I am so relieved. Now my life has changed nothing else matters at all.'
Chemo will shrink the tumour quickly so Cherish-Rose can go into surgery to have it removed.
It is another blow for Ms Lavelle who discovered the manager in her shop was allegedly abusing her role through fraud, having to let her and others go and leaving her short staffed as this stressful time.
Heartfelt messages have been shared on social media wishing the inspirational young girl well.

Her mum wants to warn other parents to be wary of worrying symptoms after she initially wrote her daughter's symptoms off as an eating disorder

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