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Why Sunday is a holiday, Questions were Asked in IAS interview

1. Question- Who has recently been appointed as the Chief Secretary of Rajasthan?

Answer- Nihal Chand Goyal

2. Question- Who has recently become the highest Test batsman in the year 2017?

Answer- Steven Smith

3. Question- Where is the 'Higher Education and Equity Project' recently launched?

Answer- In Odisha

4. Question- How many gold medalists have won in the 7th National Cup tournament in Indian boxers in Sombor, Serbia?

Answer- 11 gold medals

5. Question- Why Sunday is a holiday?Answer- Britishers are the first who started Sunday from 1843 as a holiday in India because In Christianity, God create this world in 6 days,and Sunday he took rest. Christian Prays in Church every Sunday. So,for Pray in Church Sunday is holiday in Christianity.

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